How to play the Doric scale on guitar

By | April 4, 2021


Place your middle finger on the fifth edge of the A-string (fifth string) on ​​the guitar and pick the note. This is the root note of a D Dorian scale.


String the seventh string of the A-string with your pinky and play the note.


Eat the third fret of the D-string (fourth string) and pick the note. This is the most difficult part of the scale because it requires a little distance. Do not get frustrated if the distance is difficult at first.


With your middle finger, you tear the fifth miss off the D-string and pick the string.

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Use your pinky to foam the seventh edge of the D-string and play the string.


Play the fourth G-string with your index finger.


Place your middle finger on the pentagon of the G-string and pick the string. This is the penultimate note of the scale.


Use your pinky to play the seventh fret of the G-string. This is the final note of the scale. It is. You now know how to play a Doric scale on guitar!

Tips and warnings

  • The great thing about this scale is that it is mobile, which means you can start the scale in any way on the fifth string. Try playing the scale on different parts of the guitar. It is good for your hands and ear training!
  • The Doric scale is one of the Greek modes found in music theory. It is a scale of very sad quality due to its close relation to the natural smaller scale. The main difference between a smaller scale and a Dorian scale is the increased sixth degree of the Dorian mode compared to the smaller scale. In this article, you will learn how to play a Dorian scale on guitar.