How to play the trumpet for beginners

By | April 8, 2021


Learn to hold the trumpet correctly. Correct posture is very important to play any instrument, and this is especially true of the trumpet. Support the underside of the trumpet with your left hand; shape your right hand into a claw. Use the three middle fingers of the right hand to work the valves. You can play sitting or standing, but always remember to point the trumpet horizontally away from your face.

2. Divide your teeth and lips slightly. Blow some air to make your lips buzz while you are in this position. Place the trumpet nozzle against your lips and pay attention to how you hold your mouth. This is called embouchure. Try to produce the same lip symbol technique in the mouthpiece, this should create a note from the trumpet.


Try to create a few different places on your trumpet without pressing any valves. The frequency at which the buzz of the lips determines the pitch. lips together as you blow. Lower notes require you to relax your lips. Try to change high and low tones, switching slowly at the beginning. Do not press the trumpet in your mouth to play higher notes.

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Practice proper breathing technique. As you inhale, inhale deeply into the lower parts of your lungs; Avoid raising your shoulders when breathing. Learn to control the speed at which you exhale. To keep the volume of a note consistent throughout, you need to keep the air moving. Moving less air will produce a quieter note.


Learn some of the basic valve fingers used to play. To play space C, leave all valves open. For a D, press the first and third valves. For an E, close the first and second valves. Just close the first valve for an F. To play a G, leave all valves open again while buzzing your lips at a faster pace. Use a fingerboard as a guide to learn other notes; See the Resources section for a chart.


Learn to read some simple notes. Try playing it on the trumpet. You create positions by buzzing your lips at different rates while changing the position of the valves. Try playing a classic trumpet song like ‘Taps’. You can play this song without having to move the valves at all.

Tips and warnings

  • Remains relaxed while playing. When your mouth gets tired, take a break. Give it plenty of rest.
  • Don ‘t point to the trumpet down your legs as you would with a clarinet. This will create bad play habits. Do not drop your lips, avoid puffing up your cheeks when blowing.
  • The trumpet is a very popular instrument among novice concert band students, and it is coveted for many good reasons, its clear prominent tone and ubiquitous presence in a wind band setting makes it very appealing. The trumpet is easy to download and play, while having great potential for virtuoso play, as shown by trumpet greats such as Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie.