How to play Ukulele Songs

By | April 5, 2021

Play Ukulele Songs


Hold the neck of the ukulele in one hand while supporting the body of the instrument under your drum arm. Your chording hand is responsible for depressing chords on the ukulele’s fretboard, while your strumming hand will strike the instrument’s four strings.


Read the tab for a ukulele song. Ukulele tabulatur is a written method that uses ASCII characters and numbers that provide a visual representation of the instrument’s fretboard. Numbers show where to mill the strings, and the lines represent each string.


Strum and chord ukulele according to the table. Read the table from left to right to play the correct notes, similar to how you would read the notes.


Improve a simple three-chord ukulele song. On a soprano ukulele, for example, press the other edge of the C and A strings while pressing down the third edge of the E string to create a G chord. Next, press down the second row of the G, C, and E strings to create a D chord. Finally, press the third line on the A-string to create a C-chord. Repeat the pattern.

Tips and warnings

  • Most ukulele models are played exactly the same, making it easy to learn a song on one model and then play it on another.
  • Ukulele songs can be strummed or finger picked. Choose a style you are most comfortable with, or alternate between the two.
  • Learning to play songs on the ukulele can be a fun and rewarding experience. Unlike the guitar or piano, the ukulele’s small size and four strings make it a relatively easy instrument to learn and eventually master. A basic understanding of the instrument is important in order to learn a collection of ukulele songs. The basics of tuning and chords, you will be well prepared to start learning ukulele songs.