How to play Wonderwall Oasis on electric guitar

By | April 9, 2021


Set the guitar to the default setting (E, A, D, G, B, E).


Place the capo just behind the second fret. A capo is a clamp that presses a guitar string in a higher position on the neck, allowing the player to change the key to a song while still using open chords.


Learn from the following open chords: Em7, G, Dsus4, A7sus4, Cadd9. These are the only chords used in the song. See the chord diagrams in the margin for finger positioning. Practice switching between each chord until you can play all five chords clearly in sequence.


Learn the rhythm and strumming pattern by listening to the album version of the song. You can download it from any of the popular music distribution sites like iTunes or or stream it on YouTube.


Play the following chord progressions before the introduction, verse, preamble, chorus and end.

Introduction: Em7, G, Dsus4, A7sus4. Play this progression twice.

Verses: Em7, G, Dsus4, A7sus4. Play this sequence three times, and after the third iteration, play Cadd9, Dsus4, A7sus4. Each verse begins with the lyric ‘Today …’ and ends with ‘… feel the way I do about you now.’

Pre-chorus: Cadd9, Dsus4, A7sus4, Cadd9, Dsus4, A7sus4, followed by Cadd9, Dsus4, G, Dsus4, Em7, Dsus4, A7sus4. The chorus begins with the text ‘And all the lights …’ and ends with ‘… but I do not know how.’

Chorus and Ending: Cadd9, Em7, G, Em7. Play this sequence four times for each chorus and ending. The lyrics to each chorus begin with the lyrics ‘For maybe …’ and end with ‘… you’ is my Wonderwall. ‘


Tips and warnings

  • 1. Play the song slowly while learning the chords and rhythm. Gradually increase your speed until you can continue with the tempo of the song. This will build the exact muscle memory in your hands and lead to better performance.2. Place the ring finger and little finger on your caustic hand on the fifth miss of the B-string and the fifth ferret of the high E-string, respectively. Keep them there the whole song, because every chord used in ‘Wonderwall’ requires this finger placement. 3. The song structure for ‘Wonderwall’ is introduction, verse, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus, chorus, chorus.
  • ‘Wonderwall’ is the third track on the 1995 album ‘What’s the Story, Morning Glory?’ By the British rock band Oasis. Although the band recorded the song with acoustic guitars, Oasis has often performed ‘Wonderwall’ with electric guitars at its concerts, but the chords and techniques required to play ‘Wonderwall’ are the same for both acoustic and electric guitars.