How to put new strings on a cello

By | April 4, 2021

Put new strings on a cello


Remove the old string and discard it. Many start with the A-string and work down to the C-string.


Take the new string out of the package and insert the upper end of it The correct tip hole inside the pin box (inside the roll).


Begin to turn the tip clockwise to begin assembling the string around the pin. Make sure that it winds evenly in layers on the stem of the stick.


Take up enough slack so you can put the length of the string through


Continue to wrap the string around the stick until it begins to clear.


Let the string rest for a few minutes and then continue tightening until the correct range has been reached.


Repeat this process with the other strings.

Tips and warnings

  • Put the new strings in cello several days before you have a lesson or a reason. The strings take a while to stretch and maintain their pitch.
  • Your cello needs to be readjusted after inserting a new string (s).
  • Only remove one string at a time when putting new strings on a cello. If all strings are shut down at once, it will collapse over the bridge.
  • All string instruments need new strings from time to time. The strings deteriorate with playing and sometimes breaking. Putting on new strings is a necessary skill for any string player.