How to rap or Emcee

By | April 7, 2021


First, you want to know how to write bar. Every two sentences that end in a similar rhyme are called a bar. For example, if Eminem says- & quot; his palms are sweaty / knees weak arms are heavy /; sweaty and heavy are the words used to link the sentences together that form a pile. This becomes more important as you move forward with your skill level. If you’re just getting started, I think it’s good to invest in some type of tape recorder and some laptops. You can use both to help you write and recite your lyrics back to yourself to listen and criticize your skill level. When you do these set goals you want to achieve with every time you practice. For example, one day you can set a goal to just write a couple of bars and tie them together to do then lol. You will be amazed at how difficult it can be for people when they start.


Secondly, after you have gained experience and can understand exactly how to write your rap lyrics or bars, you will now focus on what it is you will want to talk about in your lyrics. For example, you can be a happy, excited rapper with good music and your bars might sound like- & quot; they say I’m the party’s life / and all I want to do is mix coke with barcardi ‘. Or you may well have something meaningful that you would like to address, such as politics, poverty, or even just being yourself. you have found your topic I would invest in timeless styling or ciphering. Which is to rap or emceeing on the spot without writing (some use written rhymes) but it becomes important to find your style. For example, the elite emcee s either good or bad have their own unique sound. From Tupac to Jay-z. Or even Soulja Boy (I do not know if the last one) has its own sound. By hearing yourself out loud or with a group of emcees or peers, you can learn what sounds you might want to go to. will want to develop your pun, which is how you set up your bars. How many lines can you rhyme together in your bars for example ‘my lyrical assault / is dope / I leave nay-sayers without pulse / do not provoke / a sleeping giant / that is flammable / and just a product of my environment /’ you see with each line it links to the next so instead of just rhyming assaults with dope, it is also connected with pulse, provokes, then switches to giant, fatigue and environment. Now emcee is far more advanced on the possibility of doing this, but it only takes time to train and even invest in a rhyme list.


With this step you should have an understanding of how to write a bar (which gets better the more you practice) and you should also have an idea of ​​what you do you want your sound to be (which will also change as time goes on further). Now you have an idea of ​​what you want to write about, now you have to structure it into songs. The typical rap song is written, in Chorus, verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, verse, Chorus, end. Or pre-run, verse, run, run, run, bridge, run unfaithful. (In the Da-club with 50 cents is a good example of this) someone who, if you are going to make songs, you need memorable melodies and hooks.
A hook is mainly a hook, something that catches the listener’s attention. It will probably be in the Qur’an or a pre-chorus. For example, 50 cent’s’ In Da Club ‘catches you with’ Go Shorty! It’s your birthday ‘. Not all songs have to be catchy or mainstream. You can also have songs that have messages in the verses that appear above all. Eminem is my dad is crazy shows this’ more pain ‘inside my brain / when a little girl’s eyes inside a plane / directed towards world trade /’ in depth so texts for a listener can make a picture to visualize how much pain he had . You have to ask yourself What is it that you want to write at the end. The important thing about writing songs is usually how it starts and how it ends. Some use poetic lines like. For example, in my song I stand at the begging of every verse – ‘the world continues to change / refuses to remain the same /’. This can drive the message by letting you know what I want to address about world change. Ending your verses can also help people understand your message even more. 2 Pac lines still make me shiver when he sa- u0026 quot; buried like a g / while the whole world remembers me / to the end of time / & quot; It’s crazy to know even in death that blows your mind. These are just examples. Finally, the only way to know how to structure your song will be to train and research artists that you admire. See how they approach songs and it will help you with yours. The melody is the music, but I will touch on it in my how to write song article. Basically, there is a melody in the music, it is the instrument that stands out.

After you have done the rest of these steps and created some songs you are convinced of, now is the time to start performing. There should be local cafes or clubs that can have open mic nights to showcase your songs. Once you have started to do this, you may feel nervousness which is normal and when you do it it will gradually go away. I suggest recording performances and research that the artists live show you admire. I can not tell you how many rappers have too many others on stage and it’s just loud. So be agile in your way of performing. There are many Rappers or Emcee’s out there, what are you going to do?

Tips and warnings

  • Take notes and do research on
  • It’s not for people who just want to be famous if you really want to know the steps to get Rhyming and understand the basics (it can lead you to fame) but it’s hard work.
  • This is actually how to rap and emceeing from an artists point of view. This article will explain how to structure your texts and provide tips on how to make yourself visible.