How to sell an old piano

By | April 7, 2021

How to sell an old piano.

It’s time to clean, scratch and shine your old piano. Take out a small sandpaper and remove any scratches or rings from the glasses. Give it a thorough cleaning with a good wooden soap (Murphy’s Oil Soup is an old favorite). Then you get the best shine you can with the best polish for your piano.


Make your piano sound as good as it might sound by renting a professional piano tuner. Replace broken wire or hammer and make sure everything is in good condition. Remember that instruments can soften and sound their best with age.


Time to advertise. Craigslist is a free and easy way to let people find your ad in your local area. Take a good photo of your piano and make some cheap flyers to walk around in music stores, school music departments, piano courses and coffee buildings where musicians can socialize.


Buy some good notes. People need to come to your home (or where you have a piano) to try it. They can bring their own music, but sales can be improved with inspiration. So grab some notes that inspire every taste.


Let the potential buyer explore the piano on their own in their own way. Every key and every note is personal and you want a potential buyer to feel that he or she is making a connection to the instrument.


Now close the sale. Be open to a little haggling and look at opening a Paypal account so buyers can use a credit card. Make clear if the price includes delivery or if they will handle the move themselves.

Whether it’s a beautiful large or an antique upright, an old piano is a beautiful thing. But selling an old piano can be tough. It is hardly an impulse purchase, and there is a lot to figure out when it comes to transporting it to and from. But with some planning and creativity, it can be done.