How to set double pedals

By | April 3, 2021


Adjust the length and spring tension of the beaters according to your wishes.


Also check the tightness of all screws on both pedals as proper tension and lubrication of chains (if used on your pedal).


Safe bass drum with the right kick stand / leg placement.

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Squeeze the right pedal to the edge of the bass drum and adjust the left pedal according to its sitting position.


Test your double bass pedals to check if everything is as you want.

Tips and warnings

  • To ensure a firm left kick hold without slipping, use Velcro straps or channel straps on the bottom of the pedal board. Adjust the seat to a comfortable position to avoid bone strain and fatigue.
  • A drum kit contains many components, one of which is the bass drum (also called the drum drums) and the bass pedals (or kick pedals). There are several combinations that a player can use with just these two components (for example, a bass drum with a kick, two bass drums with a kick on each, or a bass drum with double kicks). This article focuses on how to tune a double bass pedal to a single bass drum.