How to start a dance group

By | April 10, 2021


First, you should know that you always have fun when you dance and know that you have a passion for dance. You must be willing to practice dance and it must feel like you are having fun and not working. You should have an area available for training so that members know where to meet once you have chosen the dancers.


Now that you know, there is something fun for you to do. You can start writing a flyer. Flyers should indicate the number of dancers you are looking for and what type of dance you should do, place, date and time of the audition. It is good for dancers to be versatile in dance styles but not all dancers have to be. The audition should be held in a public place such as your gym, your church, a park or rent a studio room or local hall. You can place your flyers where you have requested permission to submit them. Be creative when placing them so that more people can see it. You can even place an ad online on Craigslist, in Sunday papers, school papers or church flyers. You can place them in school, college, the eatery, the washing machine, the dance school and all the places you know people who age hang out.


You should choose a day and time that you know you will be available for the fist rehearsal and let the dancers know when the audition begins. You can even start the first rehearsal the same day after the audition. You can be open to choosing days that are available for all dancers to practice. You should keep a contact list with dancers that you think would be good for the dance group if one of the dancers for some reason can not stay in the group. All members of the group should make the dance group a main focus. When you have two or three routines down, you can attend talent shows, perform at local events, open shows or support all members to go to the audience for entertainers, shows or movies. Good luck, believe and work hard.

Tips and warnings

  • Insert at the bottom of the leaflet to get water.
  • Being apart from a dance group from the beginning is a great way to break into the entertainment industry.
  • Make sure that the meeting place has a cold temperature.
  • This is a guide to help a person how to have a passion for dance to form a dance group for fun, summer activity or who strive to work in the entertainment industry.