How to teach yourself to play the bass guitar

By | April 11, 2021


Start with the basics. Get to know your bass. Learn the open strings E, A, D, G (from thickest to thinnest) and how the notes go up when you are worried. You can do this by obtaining a bass guitar neck chart from a music store or using one of the free charts available online (see Resources). Learn to tune your bass. An outward-looking instrument is a deterrent. You can use an online tuner to help you with this until your ear becomes more refined (see Resources).


Use the website (see Resources). The site is free and presents a well-organized, step-by-step method that takes you through the basics of bass playing to more advanced techniques. The website focuses on both game and music theory and covers all aspects of how to play bass guitar. Follow the lesson plan to the left of the page and master each step before proceeding. Increase your lessons with one of the many interactive basic lessons available on the site.


Find a good basebook. You want a book that aims at self-instruction and allows you to work at your own pace. ‘Teach Yourself Bass Guitar’ by Bob Hartz is a great choice. The book begins with learning about your instrument, where the notes are on the music staff in relation to your bass and how your bass is made. The lessons introduce you to simple singing that is played immediately and tie the songs with basic theory and technique lessons. The book also has a CD so you can hear the techniques you are learning. This will help you do them the right way.


Balance your book and reading time with playing time. The only way to improve as a bass player is to play Practice playing along with some of your favorite songs. It helps you get a feel for playing in time and it is also an effective way to train your ear. It does not win well at first, but the exercise is perfect, and you will improve over time.

Bass guitar is an instrument with four strings that plays notes in the lower (bass) register. The bass guitar is primarily a rhythm instrument, but players like Jaco Pastorius took it to the forefront and showed that the bass could hold up as a lead instrument as well. The idea that bass is easier to play than a guitar because it only has four strings is not entirely correct. While it’s easy to get started on the base, learning to play it skillfully takes patience and dedication. Here’s how you can learn to play the bass guitar.