How to thread a Super 8 projector

By | April 8, 2021


Place the projector on a table, opposite a wall. Plug the projector into an electrical outlet.


Remove the tape or rubber band surrounding the film inside the film roll. Place the roller on the hub on the front film arm. Turn the film roller slightly on the hub to lock it in place.


Put on cotton gloves so that your fingerprints do not appear on the film. Carefully pull out 2 feet of film from the end of the wheel. Carefully squeeze the film into the roll in front of the film port – it is either behind the lens or on the bottom of the projector.


Pull the end of the film around the roll and push it through the film port. Push the end of the film around the reel located on the other side of the film port. Drag the movie up and over to the recording movie.


Place the blank film roll on the hub of the recording film. Turn the empty spool slightly on the hub to lock it in place.


Insert the end of the film into the groove in the empty film roll. Use your fingers to rotate the empty roll clockwise to wind the film on the roll. Stop rotating the roller when the film is no longer extinguished.


Turn on the engine of the Super 8 projector with the control button. Watch as the film now moves through the film port and is recorded on the recording film. Turn the control knob to illuminate the projection lamp and project the Super 8mm film on the wall or a white sheet to see what is on it.

Tips and warnings

  • When you roll the film reel back and forth on the projector first without turning off the light bulb, the voltage on the reel decreases when it is viewed.
  • If the film is stuck in the projector, turn off the projection light immediately so that the film does not start to burn.
  • Super 8 projectors, like the 8mm models that precede them, rely on chain holes in the film to engage the film port as they move past the projection lamp. Improper threading of a Super 8mm projector can expose the film to stress and slow the progress through the film port, allowing the heat from the projection lamp to physically damage the film. The basic procedure for proper wire film in a Super 8 projector is the same regardless of model.