How to Tie a Greek Toga |

By | April 9, 2021


Fold the fabric around your waist a couple of times – the exact number depends largely on your own girth and the length of your fabric. You want it to be high enough for it to hit your chest, but not so high that it restricts the movement of your arms.

You can choose to staple it at this time for extra assurance that it will not fall off.


Throw the fabric over your shoulder so that some of it is artistically draped forward so that you do not tie your arms down.


At this point, the Arringatore toga hangs only in the back. But you will surely want to secure your further. You can do this by bringing it back around the front and either holding it or tugging it at the fabric at the waist and squeezing if you feel so inclined.

Tips and warnings

  • The Romans and Greeks often wore tunics during their trains. You do not have to go to all the trouble to build a tunic if you do not want to, but you certainly want to wear some kind of shorts below. You may also want a T-shirt if you are worried about exposing your chest.
  • The toga is a cloak-like form of clothing associated with ancient Rome, where they were made of wool and used as a more formal kind of dress.

    Today, bridges are usually limited to college toga festivals and Halloween meetings, which can lend itself to poorly bound bedsheet-type trains that tend to fall off at incessant moments. Thankfully, it’s a fairly simple process to tie a toga, which takes no more than a few minutes and a little gentle tucking and pinning.

    Keep in mind that these instructions are for a simple costume toga and not The more complicated and authentic toga worn by Greeks and Romans. A toga of this complexity involves much more measurement and design than most people are willing to handle. This method makes a toga that looks very similar to the Arringatore toga but requires less preparation of the fabric itself.