How to transpose or write notes or chords correctly

By | April 8, 2021


Know the notes you are on. The best place to start is with the music you already have. Whether this music is printed or has been learned by ear, will get the right notes to find new ones. Find out what your key signature is so you can find the joints and positions in the song.


Find out the interval spaces from note to note. This means that if your note for the melody is on one note, you move up or down, you count how many half steps it is to the next note. This is your interval distance. You will want to do it all the way through the melody, as well as for the chord movements and harmonies.


Enter your new key. Now that you have an idea of ​​how everything is separated, you can transform into your new key. This means that your basic notation will change. If your key signature was in C, your base note and midpoint were also in C. If you incorporate this into E, the center starts at E. In this case, your interval change is up by a third. You should always count interval s, from your most recent key signature – to this one – as each note will retain this new interval offset.


Reset the spaces. You can now take the new key and move everything up or down according to the intervals you printed. For example, if you start with E, you can now print the intervals you counted up or down from this note. You will use E as the base note, with everything moving in the same intervals around it. For example, in your old song you may have had a C to a D. In the new song it will be an E to an F #. It keeps the same interval distance, but it gets higher than the last key.

Tips and warnings

  • Do not forget your sharps and flats! The interval distance will always be the same, but the movement to black tones changes depending on where you are.
  • If you can not sing or play in a particular key signature of a song, it may prevent you from enjoying the music. Once you understand how to transpose or change the key signature of your song, it lets you keep the right lets move, no matter what you play.