How to twirl burlesque tassels

By | April 11, 2021


To begin with, you need to buy or make pasties with tassels. In the resources department, there is a link to a How To create your own pastries as well as links to reputable sellers. If this is your first time twirling tassels, you may want to go with a simple but professionally made pair, as the design of your pasties can help or hinder your ability to spin.


Some pasties (but usually not the type with tassels) come with glue jaws. Most of the time you have to find your own glue. Popular glues contain alcohol rubber, liquid latex, toupee tape and heavier pasties. I know some girls even if you use duct tape. What works for you depends on how dry / oily your skin is, how sensitive it is (some adhesives can irritate your skin) and how heavy your pasties are. Before you encounter your things on stage, experiment at home and see what works for you.


Now that you have your pasties and have them on, you are ready to start twirling! Getting your tassels twisted is due to the pasties moving up and down just a little. The smaller your breasts, the easier it will be – but do not worry! You can still spin tassels if you are well equipped, it just requires a little more finesse.


Start by putting your arms up over your head. Do not ask me why, but it is almost impossible to spin your hands down your sides. From here, there are two basic methods that I will outline in the following two steps.


The easiest way to get these tassels is to make very small, very fast calf raises. That said, twirling is all dependent on up and down movement and this is the easiest way to achieve it. But if you are not careful, you can finally look a little stupid, just stand up on stage and bounce up and down.


The second method is much more difficult, but once you understand it, you are much less likely to look like you wrapped some Mexican jump beans. For this method, you want to lift and release the chest by contracting and relaxing the upper body muscles (your shoulders should not move). Moving is not too difficult when done slowly and consciously, but getting it done at a fast pace while still maintaining a rhythm will take a lot of practice.

Tips and warnings

  • To make both tassels turn in the same direction, just put one arm up and leave the other, but stay slightly away from your body. To reverse the direction in which the tassels rotate, change arms.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The basics of tassel twirling are pretty easy to learn, but to consistently get a good twirling every time, you need to practice.
  • If you decide to make your own pasties be careful about how much extra decoration you put on them. Too many rhinestones, sequins, etc. can hinder your ability to twist.
  • You have decided to take everything for happiness and fame, or maybe just for a little fun. Either way, you want to learn the classic burlesque tube of tassel twirling.