How to use a Boss GT-8 processor

By | April 11, 2021


Connect the cable from your guitar to the jack marked INPUT on the back of the GT-8.


Make sure the amplifier is turned off, then connect a cable to the left (MONO) output of the GT-8 in the amplifier’s INPUT. With the volume down completely, turn on your amplifier.


Slowly increase the volume of your amplifier while selecting the strings until you hear it through your amplifier. Adjust the volume at that point.


Use the BANK UP and DOWN foot switch to change the current correction. Each patch uses a different modeling parameter to give you different replications of popular guitar amps. Find one that is closest to the sound you want.


Use the effect parameters to adjust the different effects on the correction file you selected. You can increase or decrease the gain, add more delay and change the pitch. Repeat with other patches, then use the WRITE button to save your changes and name your note.


Continue to adjust and create new patches. Experiment with the many different parameter voles and get twists to create new and unique sounds for your music experiment.

Tips and warnings

  • If some sounds are weak, adjust the total gain of the pedal until you have the right amount of signal to go to your amp. Try connecting two amps to the GT-8 and use two separate pads to get an interesting stereo sound.
  • Do not play at high volumes for a long time: it can damage your hearing.
  • Boss GT-8 is one of the most advanced effects on the market today. With the ability to use two amps with this pedal and its range of effects, the sound combinations are endless. By editing the preset factory spots, you can be on your way to guitar nirvana.