How to use Beat Box Metronome

By | April 3, 2021

1.Find a beatbox or drum that is within your price range. There is no difference between an advanced metronome and a low-measurement metronome. They will beep in the same way.

2. Buy some cheap speakers to hear the metronome. You do not even have to buy speakers. You can use headphones if you want, but it can drown out the sound of the instrument you are playing.

3. Set the beatbox or drum and speakers within earshot of where you are going to play. The metronome should be close enough for you to adjust the tempo and volume while playing.

4. Choose the tempo you want to play your instrument at. Beatboxes and drum machines usually start at a standard tempo of 120 beats per minute. Since you probably will not have an exact BPM setting in your head when you start training, it is a good idea to start from 120 and adjust the speed until you reach a setting you are comfortable with or it sounds natural with the song. Sometimes beats are written per minute at the beginning of the piece you practice if you are reading music.

5. Play your instrument or sing with the metronome. The metronome should calculate beat in 4/4 timing, but it can also be adjusted on the beatbox or drum. Adjust the volume so that you can hear the clicks audibly but still hear your instrument predominantly.

There was a time when a metronome was a small box with a needle that swung back and forth. To start it, hit the needle to the side with your hand and it starts to click. You can only really make approximate times with this. But the music students learned how to stand consistently. Today, there are much more accurate beatboxes or drum machines for doing the work of metronomers.