How to use MIDI Controller

By | April 10, 2021


Connect the MIDI Controller to the computer with the USB cable and port. If your MIDI Controller is an older model that is not USB compatible, you will need to purchase a MIDI interface to connect it to your computer. Make sure your computer’s sound card is compatible with MIDI.


Download a sequencing program. This allows you to use the MIDI Controller and create digital sound, as the keyboard itself does not make sound. Some of the most popular commercial sequencing programs include Reason and Pro Tools. Open Source options include MusE and Musette.


Find your MIDI Controller in the sequencing program under the ‘Options’ menu and synchronize it to your computer. You need to find the exact make and model to load the instruments and then play them with the MIDI Controller.


Select an instrument setting and test your keyboard for sound. Once you have successfully done so, you can start creating music, with multiple channels for drums and instruments.

Tips and warnings

  • When buying a MIDI Controller, make sure it is USB compatible.
  • Test all available sounds before choosing one for your composition.
  • MIDI (Digital Instrument Digital Interface) is a great way to play and compose music with just your computer and a MIDI Controller. A variety of instruments can be copied with an electronic keyboard, ranging from standard guitars to the most exotic drums. In addition, effects can be added to any of these instruments, providing almost unlimited possibilities for composing music. MIDI Controllers allow you to start composing and recording your own original music at home.
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