How to win a singing competition

By | April 7, 2021


Choose your song! The song is really the most important part of winning the singing competition. Yes, you have to be able to sing pretty well, but if you choose a boring song or one that no one has heard of, you can not even enter the competition. Choose a well-known song that is popular – but not too popular! Many times the people who win singing competitions sing loud songs that can make the audience join in or laugh.

2. Choose your outfit. Again, it’s a singing competition, but your appearance is very important. You do not want to compete when you look grungy. Dress nicely. If possible, coordinate your outfit with your song. For example: If you were to sing Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler, you could wear a cute outfit with … red high heels! This is just an example, but try to make your outfit FIT your song.


Practice your song! Practice it over and over again. Record so you can hear what you sound like. When you only sing for yourself, you sound completely different than if you were to record yourself and then play it again to hear it. So register yourself to sing your song and criticize your performance. You may want to post your recording on the internet to get another input. I would not necessarily trust friends or family to criticize your voice because chances are they will tell you that you are amazing, no matter what.


Show a bit of presence! When you actually compete in the singing competition, the scene lights up. Just stay there and sing. Start moving! Try to get the audience to participate as much as possible. Encourage them to clap their hands with you or anything else you can think of. Smile and move around the whole scene. This will help the audience and the judges remember you and you will have a much better chance of winning over someone who did not do these things.

If you love to sing, you will probably at some point in your life, enter a singing competition. This can be great fun, but also nervous! Follow these steps to help you win!