How to write a movie review essay

By | April 8, 2021


Rent, buy or check out a film from the collection in your public library that fits the parameters of the mission you must complete: biography, adventure classic or viewer’s choice Watch the film at least twice – from the government’s copyright warning to the last credit on screen. During your second screening, you can stop the movie to take notes or play a scene.


Read the film’s sleeve or box to get important statistics: driving time, grades, synopsis, correct spelling of cast and crew member’s names and notes that provide insights or tips about a unique skew or hook. length of your movie overview to avoid writing short or long. No guidance from the commissioning director? Enter a goal of 600 to 700 words and you will be fine.


Start the computer, open a word processing document and start developing thoughts about what you thought of the film, what you dislike and how you change sets, direction, pace, characters, cine matography and editing. Remove these thoughts and feelings as soon as the ‘End title’ leaves the screen so that the images and views are fresh.


Use this format to structure your movie overview: 1) Movie name, stars, genre and attitude, 2) Summary of the chart, 3) describe what you liked, 4) explain what you found missing, 5) crush your opinion but never reveal the end! Reject your criticism with descriptors as fantastic, irresistible and hilarious. Compare the film with others and explain why. Comment on the quality of the film and feel free to call directors on clich├ęs and bad plot twists and the actors on — yes, really bad acting.


Run your (long) first draft past someone you can trust for honest feedback. Take what you like from the critique they offer you and then write another version of the paragraph that fits within your target word count.


Make sure you have spelled Brad Pitt’s – and all other s names correctly. Double check punctuation. Consider chopping up long sentences so that your film overview is a quick read for who is evaluating your essay. Allow your movie overview to sit and percolate overnight. Pick up the piece the next morning and read it aloud before explaining the project to a cover.

Tips and warnings

  • Reviews are usually written in the first person and are expected to express personal opinions.
  • The best teachers on the planet know the secret to involving students in the essay process. Case in point: Instead of assigning Marco Polo’s trans-Asian travels, a paper on what you did last summer or demanding a report on Mendele’s theory of dominant against recessive genes, write a film review. C ‘You think this is too easy, but you have to be just as diligent about being able to use your English skills if you hope to get two thumbs up in the grading department.