How to write down salsa dance steps

By | April 7, 2021


Write down the dance steps while they are still fresh in your mind. Write it down in form format, breaking down each step step by step. Use a chart with arrows if needed. The salsa dance is centered around a basic step called a forward movement. It starts with a button on the left foot on the first beat, a step forward with the same foot, a rockback with the right foot and a step back to the left to close the sequence.


Ask the instructor about the name of the move. If it’s easier, you can give it your own name or description. Choose a name that is easy to remember – one that keeps in mind what the step looks like. The second step is typically a Back Basic Movement, where you press with the right foot, step back with the same foot, rock forward with the left and close to the right. It is the opposite of the front basic movement.


Record the turn pattern and the steps. Many students practice the movements, but forget about the right and left turn patterns. Type ‘Turn right’ or ‘Turn left’.


Learn a definition of salsa terms. For example, when you step out of the closed position, it is called a pause. With this pause you can change the direction forwards, backwards or backwards. When you rock, you transfer your weight from one foot to the other. > You can learn salsa in a number of ways, including from lessons and salsa dance videos. You can pick up the movements quite easily, but it can be difficult to remember what you have learned later. It is common for you to forget a trait you learned in the last grade, especially if you are not training. The salsa dances are a perfect way to avoid this confrontation.