Information about Elvis Presley Records

By | April 6, 2021

First single

Elvis Presley recorded his first hit on January 10, 1956, for RCA Records in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ along with some other songs. The single was released on January 27 and hit number one on the records in April. This single sold over a million copies.

Early success

Billboard released a statement on December 29, 1956, revealing that Elvis had more songs in the Top 100 than any other artist in history. That same week, the Wall Street Journal released figures showing that Presley’s first-year album and merchandise sales totaled more than $ 22 million.


According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Elvis Presley released over 150 different albums and singles during his lifetime, all of which went gold, platinum or multi platinum. Forty percent of sales are estimated to have taken place in other countries.


Of all his recordings, nearly 149 ended up on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States Of these, 114 were top 40 hits, while 40 were top 10. 18 of Elvis Presely’s recordings went to number one. They spent a total of 80 weeks at number one.


Between 1958 and 1960, Elvis Presely’s recording career began in the United States Army. entered the military, he recorded enough material for six albums to be released during the hiatus. Elvis Presley records are some of the largest wholesalers and largest sales volume in worldwide recording history. He began recording in 1954 and continued with a few breaks over the years until his death in 1977. Elvis Presley’s compilations combined rockabilly with country, gospel and rhythm and blues influence. His early records are considered some of the earliest examples of rock and roll.