Information for Digi TV

By | April 5, 2021


As of 2010, Digicel offers three DigiTV entertainment packages to its subscribers: Digi-Lite, Digi-Family and Digi-Max. DigiLite offers eight channels, including BYU TV, Cartoon Channel, Al Jazeera, MGM Channel and Animal Planet. DigiFamily offers all channels in the Digi-Lite package plus six more, including E! Entertainment and National Geographic. The Digi-Max package comes with 20 channels, including all 14 channels in the Digi-Family package plus NatGeo Adventure, MTV, CNN International, Nickelodeon, Eurosport and Digi Premium.


To receive DigiTV in Tongatapu and ‘Eua, subscribers must purchase a DigiTV conversion box for $ 190 Pa’ anga (approximately $ 99 USD). The DigiFamily package costs $ 65 (approximately $ 34 USD) per month while the DigiMax package costs $ 99 (approximately $ 51 USD).


DigiTV comes with a new cable box, smart card, power cord, audio and RCA cable, remote control and installation instructions. DigiTV can be installed or installed professionally. DigiTV is the cable television service offered by Digicel Pacific to residents of Tongatapu and Eua, Tonga. Digicel is the leading provider of cable and mobile phone service in 32 markets throughout the Caribbean, parts of Central America and the Pacific.