Interactive piano lessons

By | April 6, 2021

Interactive games

Games have always been a popular way to teach and an easier way to learn. Putting the computer keyboard in a virtual piano is something that has been done before, but never quite at the same level as the new Synthesia does. With the help of a concept similar to Guitar Hero, you can with Synthesia play songs with your keyboard and with the corresponding specific letters for the piano keys. You select a song and the notes are delivered at the top of the screen in colored lines that show a graphical representation of how long each note should be played. This is a great way to train your ear, train your fingers and feel familiar with a piano keyboard. You can download Syntesia for free and practice with the included songs, or buy additional song packages. ‘Piano Made Easy’ is another interactive piano game. This one is aimed more at younger children, aged seven and up. This game actually comes with a keyboard and contains interactive games in full color that facilitate the basics of reading music for piano, as well as how to play fun singing.

Video instruction

Video sites like YouTube offer hundreds of piano instructions. Video piano instruction is a great way to learn because you can stop and play any lesson that gives you a problem. A new twist on the video method that involves a great deal of interaction is the video lesson on HD Piano. This site offers video tutorials that facilitate popular piano songs, provided by an instructor who shows you how to play the songs slowly and at normal speed on a real piano keyboard. The twist is, the lessons are linked to the Synthesia game so you can play these lessons on Synthesia or on your own keyboard. You can buy a midi keyboard (one that plugs into your computer) and play a realistic keyboard with the HD lessons as well.

Webcam Lessons

Use your webcam to learn piano in your own home. Concert pianist Jeffrey Biegel offers live piano lessons via webcam, so you can interact with him as if he were there with you. This type of interactive teaching method is appropriate. One of the benefits is that you can record each of your lesson sessions for later reference, as you practice what you learned during each lesson. Learning to play the piano consists of sitting next to a piano teacher who was often very strict and placed great emphasis on reading notes that many students ran in fear. Learning piano today, when technology offers so many possibilities, is different. There are a number of interactive methods available today that will help you learn how to play the piano and have fun.