Learn to play Rockabilly guitar

By | April 5, 2021


Connect your guitar to the distortion pedal and then the delay pedal before connecting it to the ampoule. Adjust the settings on both pedals until you reach the tone quality you want.


Read the smaller and larger blues scales. These are the most common scales to use at sunrise in the Rockabilly style.


Learn to play major and minor chords on the four four strings that make it possible to emulate the style of players like Duane Eddy and Brian Setzer.


Learn dominant 7th and 9th bar chords. These chords are found in many Rockabilly songs and can be used to both follow and create improvised solos.


Learn one of your favorite Rockabilly songs, it’s always easier to learn a song you’re familiar with. Many good books and websites contain lead sheets for hundreds of Rockabilly songs.

Tips and warnings

  • Studying with a private tutor will help you learn how to play Rockabilly. Jaming with your favorite recordings is a great way to improve your playing and tone.
  • Rockabilly, like jazz, draws guitarists from a large number of influences and backgrounds. Players from all styles such as Rock and Roll, Country, Swing, Jazz and Blues have all contributed to genre history. Due to its versatile background, Rockabilly has a lot to offer guitarists who are eager to learn. Windy solos, hard-driving tracks, funky chord solos: Rockabilly has it all. With guitar, amp and some effect pedals, you can quickly be on your way to the next Duane Eddy or Brian Setzer.