Lightscribe Media Information

By | April 12, 2021


You need a Lightscribe-enabled device, identifiable by the Lightscribe logo or a sticker. It can be an external device or built into your computer.


You also need Lightscribe System Software, which can be purchased and downloaded. The type of software you need depends on the labeling software that came with your computer. Lightscribe also offers free labeling software, or you can purchase compatible labels from links on their website.


You can only use Lightscribe discs, as they have a special coating that works with their software to allow you to etch your design.

Design options

You can choose to cover the disc with your design, create a border or just use text for the title or other information. Options include your own artwork, photos or Lightscribe’s own graphic designs.

How it works

The color of Lightscribe’s specially coated discs undergoes a transformation. The light energy from the laser etches your design on the disc, working in circular patterns outwards from the center. Lightscribe Direct Disc Labeling allows consumers to customize the look of their CDs and DVDs. This software burns the design of your choice on the discs and offers an alternative to homemade self-adhesive labels.