List of different types of drums

By | April 9, 2021

Snare Drum

One of the most common drums is in a standard trap drum set. The snare drum has a drum head on the top and bottom, with the bottom head with metal beams extending over it to make the aggressive sound.

Steel drums

These types of drums are most associated with the music of tropical islands such as Tahiti and Hawaii. The different parts of the surface of a steel drum indicate different notes, so the steel drum can play melody and rhythm.


Bongo is most often associated with tribal African music. Bongo has been used by cultures for communication, and as a way to scare away evil spirits.


Djembe is an African drum that is a funnel drum covered with sheepskin. It is played like a bongo. Djembe is becoming very popular all over the world, and sheepskin is still used to cover the drum today.


The Conga drum is a drum that is most often associated with Spanish music. The sound of a conga drum is a deeper sound than a bongo due to the elongated body of a conga. Drums come in all shapes, sizes and types. As the world becomes more accessible via the Internet and international travel, different types of drums become more common.