Macarena Dance Steg

By | April 12, 2021

Beats 1 to 4

Extend your left arm straight out at shoulder level and turn your palm up. Repeat with your right arm on bar two. Turn your left palm down, as the arm continues to extend at bar three, and repeat with your right arm at bar four.

Beats 5 to 8

Cross the left hand so that it rests the palm down on the right upper sleeve. Repeat with your right hand by crossing it over to your left arm. Place your left hand behind your head and strike with your right hand at bar eight.

Turns 9 to 12

Move your left hand over your body so that it rests on the front of your right hip. Repeat with your right hand by crossing it over to the left hip. On stroke 11, place your left hand on the left hip or buttocks. Repeat on beat 12 by moving the right hand to the right hip or buttocks.

Beats 13 to 16

Rotate your hips and buttocks to the left, then right and back to the left again on turns 13 to 15. At the last sequence, turn (or jump) 90 degrees counterclockwise. Start over and repeat the whole sequence as many times as you like the song being played. Macarena is a fun, simple dance that almost anyone can perform. The original song was released by artist Los Del Rio and was popular in the Spanish music scene. It was released again in 1996 by the Bayside Boys, when it became world famous. Type of music and dance is Latin, and it is also considered a line dance. Diana Patricia Cubill and Herrera created the choreography.