Progressive alternative music

By | April 12, 2021


Progressive alternative music is a fusion of traditional progressive rock concepts and alternative music styles such as metal, punk and hardcore. Many groups have also merged cultural music styles such as Latin and hip hop.


Progressive alternative music tends to avoid traditional song structures. Most music is not performed according to the standard verse-drive bridge model. Instead, the music emphasizes musical spaces and contrasts between sections.

Concept album

A defining characteristic of progressive alternative music is to collect songs in elaborate and uniform sets called concept albums. These albums are about concepts that are as different as history and metaphysics.

Visual art

Visual art is generally an important aspect of progressive alternative music. Neither the website, the album nor the concert use many of these groups and musicians artistic visual styles to accentuate the music.

Famous ties

Mars Volta is one of the most successful progressive alternative music groups. After releasing the single ‘The Widow’, the 2005 album ‘Frances the Mule’ hit number four on the Billboard 200 chart. Progressive alternative music is a musical genre that was founded in the late 1990s. There are many techniques and factors that include progressive alternative music, from the way the instruments are played to the general structure of songs. Progressive alternative music also adapts many of the concepts established by early progressive rock bands as well as many types of hard rock.