Roland Fantom X8 Vs. G8

By | April 6, 2021


The Roland Fantom X8 costs less than the G8. As of August 2009, you can buy the new Roland Fantom X8 for between $ 2,300 and $ 2,500. The Roland Fantom G8 is more expensive and costs about $ 3,500 to 3,600.


The Roland Fantom X8 has fewer available effects than the G8 model. The G8 model also has a much improved sequencer and a wider LCD screen.


The Roland Fantom G8 has the latest Roland sound engine, while the X8 model is a generation behind. The G8 model has more available instrument samples.


The Roland Fantom G8 is a very heavy keyboard and weighs in at 80 kg. The Phantom X8 weighs in at 65 lbs.


The Roland Fantom G8 has four additional slots for memory upgrades, while the Roland Fantom X8 contains only one. The Phantom G8 continues to have software updates and the Phantom X8 is discontinued. Roland Fantom X8 and G8 are keyboards that have a similar design and features with some important differences that distinguish them from each other. Both see the use of musicians in a variety of genres.