Roland Fp4 Vs. FP7

By | April 9, 2021

Roland FP7

According to, FP7 is a digital piano brought with the ability to make you sound like a soloist or an entire orchestra. FP7 captures much of what an acoustic piano offers, including hammers and mufflers and string and sound resonance — sounds that until recently could only be produced by an acoustic piano. FP7 also has a number of other instrument sounds that are built-in to make you sound like more than one musician.

FP7 functions

This 88-key digital piano contains 128s of polyphony and, according to, effectively replicates the sound of a concert grand piano. In addition, the keys — unlike in many electric pianos — are sensitive to the intensity of your playing with the new Progressive Hammer Action II. The Audio Key program allows .wav files to be played through the keyboard. Additional features include: an assortment of accompaniment settings, large LCD touch graphics for easy navigation, error-free internal speakers, computer connection via USB and MIDI for recording and enhanced songwriting, and Cakewalk recording and editing software. This digital piano sells for just under $ 2000.

Roland FP4

Designed to emulate FP7, FP4 is the affordable younger sibling in the Roland family. Its streamlined features provide concert piano simulation almost identical to an acoustic piano. With a hammer and damper, string and key resonance, 88 keys and a bundle of included goodies, FP4 is an ideal digital piano for less money than FP7.

FP4 functions

FP4, like FP7, has 88 keys, 128 polyphony, PHA II hammer keyboard, flawless internal speakers and two variations of Session Partner accompaniment patterns. FP4 comes in a smaller bundle than FP7, with a slimmer, less clunky feel. FP4 sells for $ 1,400.


If you can afford a traditional acoustic piano but do not want the size involved in owning one, buy Roland FP7. Given countless positive reviews on, FP7 is one of the closest digital emulations of an acoustic piano on the market. It sounds a lot like a piano, but it is much smaller. If you spend time traveling with your keyboard, you mainly use piano sound or simply want a quality piano at an affordable price. Roland FP4 can only suit your needs. A digital piano is a modern electronic piano that works as an alternative to a traditional acoustic piano, from the way it feels when it is played on the sound that it projects. Whether you prefer a traditional piano to a digital piano is irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is that digital pianos are easier to transport, and they do not differ from an acoustic piano. Roland manufactures several competitive digital pianos, two of which are the FP4 and FP7 models. The two are similar, but not identical.