So watch Netflix movies on your Wii

By | April 7, 2021


Visit to request the game console disc. When you order this disc, it belongs to you. Unable to download the disc to Netflix. You will need them in the future to watch Netflix movies on your Wii.


Wait for your record to arrive in the mail. It should take a few days.


Remove any Nintendo games you may have in your game console. Open the Netflix envelope and insert the disc into your Wii. Your Wii may need to be updated, which will happen automatically. After the update, click on the Netflix channel and follow the on-screen instructions. The instructions will help you set up your Internet connection if you have not

Log in to your Netflix account on your computer to enter the Wii code to activate the Netflix service on the Wii.


Choose movies to watch. Use the arrows on your Wii remote to browse categories and movies. Your Wii disc must be used every time you want to watch Netflix movies on your Wii.

Tips and warnings

  • Do not reset your Wii disc to Netflix. You need it to watch Netflix movies on your Wii.
  • The Wii disc does not count as a rent.
  • Long Internet speeds can affect movie playback.
  • Netflix, the best DVD rental company, has partnered with Nintendo to stream movies directly to the Wii. This article will explain how to save movies from your online DVD rental company to your Nintendo Wii so you can watch Netflix movies on your Wii.