Stratocaster Vs. Telecaster guitars

By | April 5, 2021


Leo Fender started the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company in 1946 in Arizona. The first solid electric guitar that the company released was the transmitter that renamed Telecaster. Shortly afterwards, the company released its most iconic guitar, the Stratocaster.


The Telecaster design has a single cutaway and flat topped body. The Stratocaster was ergonomically designed to improve playability. With a contoured body and double crossing, it was a marked departure from Telecast’s function.

Telecaster Hardware

Within a standard, the Telecaster is a single spool suspension located in the neck and another in the bridge position. For tonal variation, there is a three-phase selector that allows you to choose between one or both pickup positions and two volumes and tone pots to control the output.

Stratocaster Controls

Stratocaster has both neck and bridge pickup like Telecaster but also with a middle pickup for greater variety. It has a five-way pickup selector and three volumes and tone pots for improved sound output. It is also equipped with a tremolo bar as standard, while the Telecaster is equipped with a hard tail bridge.


The overall playability of both of these instruments is as you would expect from prestige instruments. While the Stratocaster continues to be one of the most popular guitar models, the Telecaster has got its own entourage with many preferring the simple setting. The name Fender is synonymous with two of the most popular guitars on the market today. Stratocaster still inspires imitators more than 50 years since it was first released, and Telecaster has carved its own niche in the market with artists like Bruce Springsteen who is known for playing them.