The best ways to copy audio CD tracks to a computer

By | April 9, 2021

Copy CD with Windows Media Player

The easiest way to copy an audio CD to a computer is to use Windows Media Player, which is free with the Windows operating system. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before you begin. Windows Media Player accesses the Web to automatically name the songs on your CD. Open Windows Media Player, usually done by clicking on the ‘Start’ menu and selecting Windows Media Player. Insert the audio CD you want to copy to your computer’s optical drive, and then click the ‘Rip’ tab in Windows Media Player. All songs on the CD are checked automatically, but you can clear the boxes next to any songs you do not want to copy. Click on ‘Rip Music.’ The first time you copy a CD, Windows Media Player asks which format you want to use for your audio copies: Select ‘Keep my current setting’ to burn the copies as Windows Media Audio (WMA) files or select ‘Change my current format settings’ for to select different types of files and other options. Once the files have been ripped, you can search for them in the Windows Media Player library and play

Copy CD with iTunes

Another method of copying CDs to a computer is to use Apple Computer’s iTunes software, which you can download for free at Make sure you are connected to the Internet so that iTunes can automatically enter the names of the CD tracks. Once the program is installed, double-click the icon to open iTunes. Insert the CD you want to copy to your computer’s optical drive. The name of the CD appears in the left pane of the iTunes window under ‘Devices.’ Select one of the tracks in the iTunes main window, then drag down the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Select All’ to select all the tracks on the CD. Drag down the ‘Advanced’ menu and select ‘Create MP3 Version.’ Once iTunes has stopped burning the audio tracks, you will be able to find them in your iTunes library and play them from your hard drive or transfer them to a portable media player.

Copy CDs to Linux machines

For users of computers running the Linux operating system, there are a number of media player options. A good list of shareware can be found at Each one is a little different and has its own way of ripping CDs to your hard drive, so be sure to read the included User Guides. A good program to start with is CD Paranoia, which is also available for free download at www.xip The User’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions for copying audio tracks to your computer. Entering the world of portable digital media players such as Zune or iPod is as easy as inserting an audio CD into your computer’s optical drive and launching the media player’s software. With the right software, it’s quick and easy to learn the best ways to copy audio tracks to a computer.