The best ways to remove scratches on CDs

By | April 8, 2021

DIY technician

For minor scratches on a CD, take a clean cloth with soap and water them without damaging the disc. Each type of CD cleaning should be done in a circular motion, as this is how the disc contents are formed and prevents further lacerations. One method for deeper scratches is to clean the CD with toothpaste. Toothpaste is an abrasive remedy used on teeth for cleaning. The same effect occurs when used on a disc. When applied directly to the CD in a circular motion, the toothpaste gently removes the scratches and releases them. Let the toothpaste soak in for a few minutes, then rinse the CD under the tap and wipe with a soft cloth. Gel toothpastes and those with extra particles, such as those in whiter toothpaste, will actually make the scratches worse, so stick with regular paste.
Household products, such as Windex, Pledge and Turtlewax, can also be used to remove scratches. Once a product has been used, it must be rinsed thoroughly and wiped with a clean cloth to prevent further damage to the CD and also the CD player.
There are various videos online that show how to remove slices of food, such as apples, bananas and eggs. Although it is equally convenient, the problem lies in the fact that these foods are not intended to be detergents and may possibly leave an individual with greater mess.

Repair kits

Although the above methods remove scratches, some prefer to buy a professional kit out of skepticism or convenience. CD scratch repair kits range in price from $ 10 to $ 40 in 2009. The cheaper ones usually include a removal solution, while the pricier ones also include special cloths and a barrier solution to prevent scratches as well. Such repair kits also work; it just depends on whether you want to spend the money for them. They are available in an electronics store or in a supermarket electronics department. There are a variety of ways to remove scratches from CDs, from the manufacturer’s kit to do-it-yourself techniques at home. If such techniques seem too risky for a valuable CD, it may be best to take the disc to a professional. In any case, CD scratches are unpleasant and interfere with the quality of the music, so there is no doubt that these must be removed in some way.