The specifications of a Fender Frontman 15 Watt and VOX DA5

By | April 10, 2021

Fender Frontman 15

The Fender Frontman 15 is a 15-watt practice guitar amplifier that features an 8-inch Fender Special Design speaker. Frontman 15 comes in two models; G and R. The only difference between Frontman G and Frontman R is that R includes reverb. Frontman is a solid state amplifier that has an input for an electric guitar as well as an auxiliary input for a drum or MP3 player and a 1/4 inch headphone jack. The weight of the Frontman 15 is about 15 kg and is reasonably priced. As of 2010, the Frontman 15G sells for $ 90 and the Frontman 15R sells for $ 110 on the Fender website.

Vox DA5

Vox DA5 is a mini amplifier that can either be powered with the AC adapter or with six C batteries. The DA5 is technically a 5 watt amplifier, but a user has the option to change the output to either 5 watts, 1.5 watts or 0.5 watts to extend battery life or if you need to train in lower volumes. The DA5 has a 6-inch Vox-designed speaker and has 11 digital effects, including chorus, reverb, phaser and delay. DA5 has an input for your guitar and contains an auxiliary input, microphone socket and a headphone socket. The DA5 weighs about 8 kg, comes in four different colors and sells for $ 190 per 2010.

Compare frontman and DA5

A guitarist must weigh his options when choosing between the Fender Frontman 15 and the Vox DA5. If portability is most important to you, the DA5 would be the better choice, simply because it is smaller and can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter. If you are looking for an exercise amplifier with a little more power and if price is a factor, Frontman is the better choice. Fender Frontman 15 and Vox DA5 are two models of practice guitar amplifiers from two leading names in guitar amplification. The Fender Frontman offers more power, but the Vox DA5 comes standard with a range of effects.