The story of blind melon

By | April 6, 2021


Blind Melon formed in 1989 in California. The original band members were Shannon Hoon, vocals; Christopher Thorn, guitar; Rogers Stevens, guitar; Brad Smith, bass; and Glenn Graham, drums.


Blind Melon went largely unnoticed until they released their self-titled album ‘Single Rain’, which featured a music video featuring a girl in a suit. the image became a pop culture icon.

Album version

In 1995, Blind Melon released their second album, Capitol Records, entitled ‘Soup.’

In the movies

In early 1995, the band released a cover version of the Schoolhouse Rock song, ‘Three is the Magic Number’. The song was featured in the movie ‘Never Been Kissed.’


Hoon had suffered a serious fight against drugs and in 1995, while touring to promote ‘Soup’, the singer was found dead on the tour bus from a cocaine dose. The band went on to release their latest album with the win that will help musicians suffering from addiction, but was finally released in 1999.


In 2006, Blind Melon was reunited with a new singer, Travis Warren. The band released an album and went on tour but then announced a split with Warren in November 2008 and began looking for a new singer. Blind Melon is an alternative rock band that was popular in the early 1990s. Almost as soon as the band was formed, Blind Melon had record labels and was signed to Capitol Records in 1991.