The story of Limbo Dance

By | April 8, 2021

Time frame

The Limbos go back to the middle to the end of the 19th century in Trinidad. It gained the usual popularity in the 1950s.

Cultural significance

The version of the limbo performed during the nineteenth century Trinidad was intended to symbolize slaves who entered the slave ship’s galleries or a spirit that passed over into the afterlife, or ‘limbo’.


Contrary to popular belief, limbo does not originate in Hawaii.

Popularity in music

Jamaican music recorded in the 1950s helped popularize limbo. Songs like ‘Limbo’ by Lord Tickler and the Calypsonians, and ‘Limbo’ by Denzil Laing and the Wrigglers were ready for limbo dancing. In 1962, Chubby Checker released the song ‘Limbo Rock’.

Limbo Today

Today, limbo is a popular dance, especially in Caribbean resorts and hotels, as well as on cruise ships where a prize is usually awarded to the last dancer to succeed in crossing under the stick.

Fun Facts h2> According to the Universal Record Database, Sabrina Ansari sets the world record for limbo dancing when she limbo-ed under a 34-inch pole in 2005. Limbo is a dance where participants must cross under a stick by bending back at the waist. The stick is lowered each time each passes under it, and those touching the stick are eliminated from the dance.