Then sing like Tila Tequila

By | April 11, 2021


Include a spoken Valley Girl intro in your song. Tila Tequila begins her song, ‘F * ck Ya Man’ with a spoken word rant that includes such Valley Girl isms as ‘Like, SO not true’ and ‘Like-OH my Gawwwd!’


Pronounce words in your texts clearly. Tila may not be the most acclaimed singer in the world, but at least she knows how to word the words properly so that you can recognize them in her songs.


Insert random yelps into your songs. Tila will sometimes acquire certain words in her lyrics by raising her voice to a higher tone, resulting in a yelp sound that is no different from a small dog.


Use ‘F’ words generously. Tila drops the F-bomb in songs like ‘I Love You’ and even uses it in the title of her song, ‘F * ck Ya Man’.

Confront people who have wronged you in your texts. Songs like ‘Fake Friendship’ and ‘I Love U’ address anonymous back stabbers, whether they are boyfriends or friends of Tilas.


Ignore conventional grammar and rhyme scheme. In Tila’s song, ‘Fake Popstar,’ Tila sings, ‘Just wanted to be famous to sing / I guess I should have stopped it before it started.’ Here, Tila not only contains two unreasonable words (sing and begin), but she also uses the present tense to describe a situation in the past.

Bring vocal lessons from Sean Lee, ‘The Voice Mechanic.’ Tila is one of a number of singers who have enlisted the help of Hollywood’s vocal trainer, Sean Lee, to improve their vocal ability.

She may be known primarily for her MySpace popularity, but Tila Tequila has used her knowledgeable social networking skills to even start a career as a singer. You can also learn to sing like Tila Tequila by following in the footsteps of everyone’s favorite MySpace mistress.