Tips for singing and playing the guitar

By | April 10, 2021

Know your guitar parts first

Knowing your guitar parts well before you start singing can make it much easier to sing and play at the same time. Not having to concentrate on your chord changes or picking so much will allow you to focus more on your attention when giving your best singing performance. Remember that playing the guitar, especially when trying to focus on another task such as singing, requires that you use your muscle memory.

Imagine the song

Before you even start playing and singing, imagine what the song should sound like. It does not matter if it is an original song or a cover of a popular song. Imagine singing it and playing, and thinking about what you want it to sound like. Doing this will help you a lot if you only take a few minutes to do it before you even pick up your guitar.

Chords and text sheets

Print the lyrics to the song in a way that is easy for you to read. If you do not read music, you can simply write the song as a poem. Leave spaces between each line so you can add chords or note changes above the words. Separate the verses and choruses and label them accordingly. Once you have done this, you can practice by singing and playing while watching your music. Because you do not have to memorize everything right away, a chord and a text sheet can make it easier to focus on what you need to do and allow you to work on more difficult sections independently.

Practice as if you are performing A mistake that many musicians make is not to train seriously enough. If you are going to perform your music for an audience, you need to practice as if you are performing, even if you are practicing in your bedroom. Plan to stand up while performing, do not sit down to exercise, it will make your real performance in front of an audience feel awkward and new to you. How you breathe and how you play has a lot to do with your position, so trying to change the fact that the day of a show will probably not give good results. Learning to sing and play the guitar at the same time is not easy, and it requires practice and commitment. Performing live requires many musicians to do so, and there are times when it’s best in the recording studio as well. Below are some tips to help make the difficult task a little easier.