To copy a videotape to a DVD

By | April 6, 2021

Copy from videotape to DVD with a computer


Purchase and install your choice of VHS to DVD video editing software on your computer (you can use any of the editing software available in the resource links or shop for another brand).


Set up your VCR on a table, stand or chair near your computer’s hard drive.

3. Connect the USB audio and video recording adapter. Connect the end of the adapter with the RCA cable to the RCA outputs on the back of your VCR. Match the color of the connector to the color of the jack. Red to red, white to white (or black) and yellow to yellow. Connect the USB end of the adapter to the USB port on the computer.

4. Place the videotape you want to copy from your VCR. Insert a blank DVD-R into the disc burner on your computer.


Open the video editor on your computer. Depending on the software you have, there will be another set of autonomous prompts that will guide you through the process of copying your videotape to DVD. Follow the instructions. For example, you may be asked to select a source. Select ‘VCR’ or ‘Analog’, whichever option is given. You may also be asked to set a recording speed. Just like recording on a VCR, the higher the speed, the higher the quality. When you follow the instructions, you will also have the opportunity to cue your videotape to the place where you want to start copying.

Copying from videotape to DVD Using a VCR / DVD recorder combo


Connect your VCR to your TV.


Insert the VCR you want to make a DVD copy of to the VCR on the VCR / DVD recorder. Insert a blank DVD-R into the DVD slot.


Attach the VCR side of the VCR / DVD recorder. Cue your videotape to the location where you want to start copying.


Open the menu options for your VCR / DVD recorder (there should be a ‘Menu’ button on your VCR / DVD recorder remote control). Find the ‘dubbing’ option and select ‘VCR to DVD.’ Exit the menu. Press ‘Dub’ on the VCR / DVD recorder remote control to start copying the VCR to a DVD. Press ‘Stop’ when dubbing is complete.


Open the menu options for your VCR / DVD recorder. Find the ‘Finish’ option and select it. This will complete your DVD-R disc so that it can be played on a DVD player. If you fail to complete the disc, you can only play your new DVD on your DVD recorder.

If you have ever had a cable tire, you are probably familiar with the concept of dubbing, such as dubbing from audio cassette to audio cassette. To transfer videotapes to DVD, you basically have to do the same thing – except instead of duplicating from audio cassette to audio cassette, you will copy from a VHS cassette to the DVD. To achieve this, you need either a VCR and DVD recorder or a computer with VHS-to-DVD video editing software and a USB audio and video adapter.