To create a TV list

By | April 7, 2021


Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.


Start a new document in Excel.


Create a chart for the listing. Write the name of each day of the week at the top of the document. The day should be displayed from left to right, with one day per column. The air times should be displayed at the bottom left of the diagram. List air times by 1/2 hour and hour.


List your favorite programs in the chart. Use a ‘TV guide’ or other TV schedule to find the programs and their air times, and then place the information in the chart.


Expand each column so that each TV shows

Save your custom TV lists. You can edit it later if needed.


Print your TV list.

Tips and warnings

  • When creating your TV list, sometimes save it so that you do not have to restart it if a problem occurs.
  • Having to check your local newspaper or a ‘TV Guide’ question to see what time your favorite TVs are showing can be time consuming. Instead, you can create your own TV list for your favorite shows.