To delete songs from a burned CD

By | April 8, 2021


First, make sure that the disc you are trying to erase is a CD-RW (CD rewritable). Insert the disc into your CD-ROM to begin the process.


The ‘Auto Play’ screen should be the first dialog box to appear when the computer reads and detects a disc. This display box should appear automatically. It will give you a list of options and default programs you can choose from to either open the disc or view advanced settings related to the disc.


Double-click ‘Open to view files in the folder’. A Windows Explorer window will appear leading you to the location of the files on the disk.


The Explorer panel will have a taskbar at the top of the Explorer window with three options. Click ‘Delete Disc Files’ to begin the removal. You will then be prompted to answer if you want to erase the disc permanently. Click ‘Yes’. The past time is displayed and gives you an estimate of how long the process takes.


When the removal is complete, click ‘OK’ to end the process. The driver’s door on the computer should send out the disc. Remove the disc from the computer or insert the disc if you plan to add more files to the disc.

Tips and warnings

  • Keep rewritable discs that you plan to reuse in a safe place to avoid tampering. Of course, your decision to delete the disc is final, as you will not be able to recover the deleted files after the disc has been deleted. The removal is permanent.
  • If you do not use CR-RW, you cannot delete songs from disc. You cannot scrape, scuffed or any other type of damaged CD-RW. This type of disc makes the disc very difficult to erase and reuse, as the disc can no longer be read easily. Know that you can not just read certain aspects of the disc without deleting all the files. It’s all or nothing. So if you want to add to the disc, copy the files that are on the disc and burn them again and the new files collectively.
  • Deleting songs from a burned disc can be done with a few clicks. But it is quite important to know how to perform the process before attempting to complete the process. CD-RW discs (rewritable discs) are the only types of discs you can use to do this. CD-RWs have become quite popular in the digital music world as they come with some benefits. Although they cost a little more than the average CD-R, they are quite durable and can be recycled repeatedly.