To download music and save it to a USB

By | April 9, 2021

Gets the music


Enter the address of your favorite download site, such as, in your browser. If you are already a user, log in. If not, register as a user to continue.


Browse the site and select the style you want to download. If necessary, look for artist, genre, album or song title under the search field.


Click on the track title for the music you intend to download. A list is displayed with the length of the piece, the price, the possibility to preview it and a blue icon for download.


Click on the blue download icon next to the tracks you want to download and confirm the purchase for each.


Go to your computer’s downloads and find the recently downloaded music. to find the most recently downloaded files.

Save the music to a USB device


Find the music you just downloaded. Select the tracks you want to save to your USB. Right-click on these tracks and select the ‘Copy’ option from the drop-down menu.


Go to the open USB device folder. Paste the copied tracks in that folder by right-clicking on the blank space in the folder and selecting the ‘Paste’ option. You will see the music you selected appear in the USB device folder.


When done, remove the USB device correctly. To avoid losing saved data, make sure you select the ‘Eject D’ isk ‘option, before physically extracting it.

Downloading music and saving it to a USB device is an easy task. There are various legal ways to download music from the Internet, allowing you to save it on any device, including your USB or hard drive. Such sites can be on-line radio sites or regular pay-as-you-go websites. These usually require users to register before they can buy or download. Whichever way you choose to download music, it will ultimately save to your USB device the same basic procedure.