To load music to CDs

By | April 8, 2021


Open the ‘Start’ menu from the taskbar on your computer desktop. From the ‘Start’ menu, go to the ‘All Programs’ menu and open Windows Media Player by clicking on the name and icon. Insert a blank rewritable CD into your disc-powered drive. Click the ‘Burn’ button on the toolbar at the top of the player. If you are using Windows Media Player 11 or later, click on ‘Audio CD’ in the menu that appears from the ‘Burn’ tab.


Find the songs in your music library that you want to download to your CD. You can select an entire playlist or search for artist or album. If you are using Windows Media Player 11 or later, drag it to the burn bar on the right side of the player after selecting the desired music. You can edit your playlist by changing the order of the songs, deleting songs you may not want to burn, and adding new ones.


Click ‘Start Burn’ to begin the process of burning your music to the blank CD in your disc tray. This process may take some time. If you want to stop in the middle of the burn, click on the ‘Stop Burn’ button. This will interrupt the process, but depending on the type of blank CD you are working on, you may not be able to burn anything else on the CD.

Tips and warnings

  • Most CDs can only hold up to 80 minutes of music. Make sure your burn list does not exceed the number of available minutes on the blank disc you are using. If it does, the tracks at the end of the list will be turned off when Windows Media Player burns your CD.
  • After burning your disc, most CDs cannot allow you to edit them again or change what has already been burned on the CD. Make sure you have everything before you start burning.
  • Some older CD players cannot play rewritable discs, so if you want to test your newly burned CD, first check that the CD player you are using has rewritability.
  • Loading music onto CDs, commonly referred to as ‘burning’, used to be a process that could only be done on a commercial level and required large machines that would cost a fortune. Today, however, everyone can burn their own records when they want minimal cost and trouble. With Windows Media Player, you can burn music CDs, data CDs, and even your own DVDs. Whether you’re at a party, in the car or just sitting at home, you can enjoy a CD loaded with your own custom music playlist.