Traditional Thai dance music

By | April 7, 2021

Art of Thai dance

Fawn Thai, traditional Thai dance, was originally performed for the royal courts of Siam. The five styles are Fawn Thiam (Candle Dance), Fawn Leb (Fingernail Dance), Fawn Ngiew (Scarf Dance), Fawn Marn Gumm Ber (Butterfly Dance) and Fawn Marn Mong Kol (Happy Dance). Each has its own pace and movement. For example, Fawn Thiam is slow and graceful while Fawn Marn Gumm Ber is faster and lively. Each dance is accompanied by traditional Thai music.

Traditional Thai bands

Traditional Thai bands are divided into three categories. Wong Pi phat (Flute), Wong Khrueang Sai (Curved String) and Wong Mahori (Curved String and Flute) each have subcategories. For example, Wong Pi phat can be divided into several different types of flute bands including Pi phat Chai-tri and Pi phat Mai Nuem.

Traditional Thai orchestra

Thai dance can also be accompanied by a classical Thai Orchestra. There are several types of orchestras, including Khruang Sai and Mahori. Khruang Sai consists of predominantly stringed instruments. Mahori is played exclusively by women and is a mixture of percussion and string instruments. Dance and music are part of Thai culture. Thai music can sound quite different from Western ears because it is based on a different sound system. Yet music works with dance to produce a remarkable art form.