Types of clarinets

By | April 6, 2021

B-clear clarinet

This is a common type of clarinet used in orchestras and high schools. This clarinet usually comes in five pieces and is played with a single reel. The sound ranges from very low to extremely loud. Although it is called a B-clear clarinet, its central note is my C.

Bass clarinet

This type of clarinet is longer and heavier than other types of clarinets, which requires a neck strap for the player. It has a sound that drops to a low C. It looks like a big B-clear clarinet.

Double Bass Clarinet

The double bass has a B-plane pitch; it is two octaves lower than a B-flat soprano clarinet and one below bass clarinet. It’s like a long saxophone.

Alto clarinet

This is a clarinet with an E-flat pitch, and it is one octave lower than a baby E-plane clarinet. It is often used to play the third part of clarinet music. Its sound complements the bass clarinet. Players need a neck strap or index leg to hold it up while playing it because it is so large.


This member of the woodwind family is a mixture of a saxophone and a clarinet, commonly called a French clarinet. The upper and lower ends of the saxophone look like saxophones, while the notes look like clarinets. This is one of the types of clarinets that uses the C pitch, and it uses Albert’s key system.

Contra Alto Klarinet

This type of clarinet has an E-flat pitch and is an octave below the bass clarinet. It can be either straight or curved shape. Clarinets are part of the woodwind family of musical instruments. Clarinets use single red nozzles. Red are the wooden pieces that must be moistened and attached over the nozzle. They help to produce sounds in different types of clarinets. There are several different types of clarinets in this musical instrument family.