Types of Gibson Guitars

By | April 8, 2021

Les Paul

Les Paul was first released in 1952. It was the first solid electric guitar made by Gibson. Gibson Les Paul was designed in collaboration between Gibson Guitar Corporation and Les Paul, for which the guitar model is named. Most Les Paul guitars are mahogany body guitars with two humbucker pickups and a fixed bridge neck piece. Some artists, such as Alex Lifeson from Rush, have their own models that have other parts, such as the Floyd-Rose tremolos, which are not usually found on Gibson guitars.


Gibson SG was first released in 1961. The SG was developed as a modernization of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. Les Paul did not like the model and demanded that his name be removed from the SG series of guitars. Gibson SG guitars still use the same parts and body forest as Gibson Les Paul. The main difference between the two models is the slimmer, double-scaled body at SG. The lower part of the SG gives rise to the center of the guitar to be further up the neck compared to Les Paul.


The Gibson EDS-1275 was first built in 1958 as a custom instrument. The most notable feature is the guitar’s double neck design. This guitar allows guitarists to easily move from a six-string to a 12-string guitar during live performances. The original models were hollow body electric guitars similar to the Gibson ES-175. In 1962, the design was changed to the solid body design reminiscent of the Gibson SG. This model is primarily associated with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.

Flying V

The Gibson Flying V was first released in 1957 with a Corina body. The design was intended to give Gibson a more futuristic image. The line was discontinued in 1959 due to low sales. Several notable guitarists in the mid-1960s, most notably Jimi Hendrix and Albert King, began using the Gibson Flying V because of its unique style. His interest in the model led Gibson to reintroduce the Flying V line in 1967 with a mahogany body.

Acoustic guitars

Gibson is primarily known for electric guitars, but their acoustic guitars are worthy of many guitarists. Gibson acoustic guitars are high quality instruments that have an equally high price tag. Several of the models, such as Dove and Hummingbird, are easily identified due to the unique pickguard artwork. The high price tag on the instruments and less distinct body shapes have made Gibson acoustic guitars better known by professional musicians. Gibson is one of the best known guitar manufacturers. Gibson has a variety of electric and acoustic guitar models. Many guitarists identify Gibson primarily by massive guitars in abundance. Les Paul guitar is the flagship model of Gibson. The SG and EDS series of guitars share the same level of recognition.