Types of music from Ethiopia

By | April 7, 2021


This early style of music follows a simple form and is usually sung by female singers in a high falsetto and by men in a deep vocal area. The mood areas are small and characterized by undulating movements.


Mezmur is another song style that is often played after sports matches. Mezmur singers sing in a bold voice, and its lyrical content is limited to certain subjects.


This type of music is popular among the many ethnic groups. It is accompanied by dances such as drama, ice shit and regeda. The singing style tends to be quite relaxed.


This is the music of church songs and hymns. It is strictly religious but shares many stylistic similarities with the other secular styles, such as the use of melisma (singing a series of lyrics in several places) in the vocals.


Azmari is not a musical style but the name of Ethiopian musicians who perform solo or in duets. Azmaris is associated with a special style of informal music sung by females and accompanied by masinqo, Ethiopia’s most important native instrument. The exhibitors often improvise texts and invite the audience to invent their own. Ethiopia is a country rich in diversity, with a history that goes back thousands of years. Ethiopia’s music reflects the country’s multicultural population and various cultural influences. There are several main types of Ethiopian music, each containing clear instruments and vocal styles.