What is a telecaster guitar?

By | April 10, 2021


Telecaster is the brand for an electric guitar manufactured by the Fender company. There are many different types of telecasters, including Standard, Esquire, Thinline, Deluxe and Custom. All the different types of telecasters are electric guitars with a solid body, which means that the body is made of a solid wood without a sound box or sound hole to acoustically amplify the guitar. All amplification of solid body guitars is done electrically through wired pickups that transmit the sound to an external amplifier.


When it was introduced in 1948, it was called the Telecaster Broadcaster. According to Ralph Denyer, author of ‘The Guitar Handbook’ (Alfred A. Knopf, 1992), the Fender company changed the guitar name shortly after its introduction to avoid confusion with a popular drumming from the day made by Gretsch, another musical instrument company. Standard Telecaster, like Esquire, introduced in 1950, became popular with musicians in the growing rock-n-roll era. The Thinline, Deluxe and Custom models were introduced much later and, although popular, never achieved the iconic status of the original ‘Tele’ models.

Distinctive Sound

Telecaster guitars together with their sister electric from the Fender company, Stratocaster (introduced 1954) are known for their sharp, clean sound. The Fender sound has even been celebrated in song by the influential rock musician and songwriter Jonathan Richman, who playfully describes it in his lyrics that sound like ‘a can falls on a blind spot’ and ‘a bitchy girl who just does not’ care ‘. after singing the line ‘Fender, Fender, Fender’ over and over again.


The inventor of the Telecaster guitar is also the founder of the Fender company Leo Fender. He was inspired to create what would become Telecaster from the sounds he heard coming from the hollow bodily, electrified guitars often heard in Hawaiian music at the time. He wanted to create a similar sound, but in a solid body, free from the feedback and vibration that often soaked through The Hawaiian guitars Leo Fender sold his name business in 1965. He died March 21, 1991.

Fun Facts h2> In 1975, a young rocker named Bruce Springsteen released his third album ‘Born to Run’, a seminal piece of work that would help land him in the Rock and Rol I Hall of Fame 24 years later. The cover of this album is iconic and has been spoofed and reproduced many times on t-shirts, buttons and even by Muppets. What is most prominent on the album ‘Born to Run’, even if it takes up more center space than ‘The Boss’ itself? It is none other than his reliable Telecaster guitar. Although invented before the rock-n-roll era, the Telecaster guitar made its mark on the musical landscape in the 1950s as rock became popular. It was a nice convergence of electricity and sound, and the early rock would not have sounded the same if ‘Tele’ (as the guitar is often called avicionados) was not there. Being in the right place at the right time had a lot to do with the Telecaster model, and its unique sound and craftsmanship have kept it a successful brand ever since.