What is the best saxophone brand

By | April 5, 2021


If you are a beginner, you need a saxophone that is not too complicated and one that is easy to play. If you are an advanced player, you probably need a saxophone brand that is advertised as ‘professional’ and / or ‘top quality’. If you are starting to play an advanced saxophone as a beginner, you will have a very hard time producing good quality sound from the instrument, so make sure you start with a brand that is suitable for beginners.


There are four common types of saxophones. The soprano saxophone is a B-plate instrument that is curved or straight in shape. This type of saxophone is for the more advanced player. The alto saxophone is a medium-sized instrument, and is one of the most common saxophones. It is an E-flat, and is beginner friendly. The tenor saxophone is a large instrument and is also a B-platform. One of its features is a larger nozzle, rods and holes. It is usually played by jazz players and is best for intermediate and professional players. The fourth type is a baritone who plays a low note. This saxophone is not best for beginners as it is prone to damage due to its construction.


Each type of saxophone has different features that a beginner to advanced player will enjoy. To decide which brand is best, you must first decide what type of music you want to create. If you need a saxophone for a school band, a beginner is probably best; If you want a saxophone for a professional band, you want a more professional instrument that has various advanced features. Remember that it is difficult for a beginner to produce good sound from a saxophone, so you choose to start with a soprano saxophone, for example,

Selmer AS300

This saxophone is a basic beginner saxophone that is easy to play and has an excellent reputation for being one of the best saxophones on It has associated keys, rings and easily accessible pallet keys. It is comparable to a Selmer Paris, but it is beginner friendly.

Lacquered Alto Model AS-641L

AS 641L is a saxophone with semi-professionals with a high F-tone and has a classic gold-painted finish and precise intonation. This saxophone is known for its durability, and if taken carefully, will last a long time.

Intermediate Alto AS-100BG

Alto AS-100BG is considered an intermediate saxophone that is durable and attractive at the same time. It has nickel-plated gold keys, casings and a gold-lacquered surface. This saxophone is considered the best value in saxophones for intermediate players.

Expert Insight

There are many music stores that sell beginners through professional saxophones. Many music stores also allow you to rent or lease your instrument so you do not have to pay for it all at once. Use the links in the Resources section below to find a music store near you. When it comes to the decision to buy a saxophone, there are several things to keep in mind, such as the brand that determines longevity and sound. There are good and very bad brands of saxophones, and if you are a beginner, it is helpful to decide which brand is best for you.